No Nonsense Technologies

Welcome to NN-Tek, LLC.

We are dedicated to improving and providing technological advancements to the online community of individuals and businesses.

Ping Tool

Our first contribution to the online community is our PingTool – an online server monitoring system. User can monitor servers and computers on different ports and at variable intervals, and get a notification when our system detects that the server/computer is no longer online. This tool can be of great help to IT Professionals and everyone who hosts online services such as Email, Web, RDP, etc.

Free Web Hosting

We are providing free web hosting for our acquaintances that made a complete renovation of our office. Their skills and quality of work surpass those of all previous contractors we hired. We were so pleased with our "new" office that we offered to design and host a website for them, in order to let others know about the exceptional services they offer. If it is time for you to recondition your home or office visit their website to learn about the available repair/renovation services.

Affordable Wi-Fi in needy areas (in development)

We have found several communities around the U.S. that do not offer the residents an affordable internet access. ISP in these areas offer only high speed connections that are too expensive and would only be utilized to capacity by a sizable business, while inidvidual households would only use a small fraction of the bandwith. Paying a lot for something not extensively used puts individual households at a disadvantage. Thus we are putting our effords in deploying Wi-Fi internet access with reasonable bandwidth and affordable prices in those areas.


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